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Everyone has certain responsibilities.  You should use your responsibilities as a guide when you talk to your boss.  The best way is to go through each responsibility and state how you successfully accomplished everything you were responsible for.

If you are a sales person, then the best metric is to use your sales number.

"I have exceeded the average for all sales categories.  I was in the top 3 for renewals, I was second in accessory sales, and the most in new services.  Overall, I was the first in our store and third in the whole region."

If you are a computer engineer, then it will be a little different.

"I finished all my assignments on time, I fixed the most amount of code errors, I did code reviews on numerous occasion, and I created a program that helped the installation process.  This ultimately reduced the installation time by 40%."

Some General Statements

"I feel I did a great job.  I exceeded all my goals, and I made the most sales throughout the year."

"I am very happy with my performance over the year.  I completed all my projects and I even took on three additional assignments.  I also helped the junior employees on a regular basis."

"I'm happy with my results.  The project I have been working on was a success.  During the process, I managed to overcome all obstacles and finished on time.  We have increased our revenue while decreasing cost."

"I believe I am on track.  This year I have learned a great deal.  I am very familiar with all our tools and I even completed my first project successfully."

These are general sentences you can say, but if you have a list of accomplishments, you should say them one by one in a paragraph.  But make sure you speak clearly and slow enough so the other person can keep up.

"I have accomplished a great deal this year.  I analyzed all monthly sales data, wrote up a thorough report for each one, I also created a process of submitting the report form that saved an hour for each report, I worked on four projects that were all successful, and I created a How-To document for new employees."

This is long, but it is actually very simple.  All I am doing is stating each thing right after the other.  You should make a list and basically say them all together.  It's effective and short.

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